Dear Friends,

Nishant Arya
Vice Chairman

JBM Group has been a pioneer in establishing benchmarks since the early 1980s towards collaborating with global partners, bringing in new first of its kind technologies,
introducing customized products & solutions for customers and even diversifying into newer business areas. We have been consistently raising the bar with innovation without negotiating on our core values. As a group, we have been adopting blue ocean strategy to establish ourselves ahead on the learning curve in various domains globally. With our unmitigated dedication towards excellence and innovation, the diversified portfolio of JBM Group has been constantly enriching our customers’ businesses offering numerous products, services & innovative solutions.

Technology, Innovative Business Model and People (TIP) are the three key pillars that we have established the foundations of our business on. Our people are core to our organization who with the right application of latest technology come up with innovative approach & solutions that are much ahead of time as compared to the industry. We have been investing substantially in these three areas because of which the momentum of growth and evolution at JBM has been significantly high. AI is the norm today that not only simplifies the processes and systems but also enhances productivity and quality multifold. Keeping with our vision of incorporating and upgrading our processes and systems with latest technology, graduating to Artificial Intelligence and Digital Manufacturing is like a natural progression for us. AI is helping us in channelizing the manpower towards value added jobs rather than repetitive and routine tasks. Our BI and MI tools and other processes are done through AI with real time data and analytics.

Currently, for our auto business, we are gearing up for a plethora of opportunities on the technology front. We are aligning our synergies with the end consumer towards providing and customizing solutions to multiple platforms single-handedly. JBM Group’s recent acquisition of a majority stake in German auto major, Linde-Wiemann manufacturer of complex structural components and assemblies, electric vehicle components, etc. to automotive OEMs worldwide has been a strategic move in this direction. For us growth and change go hand in hand, we are consistently evolving with the aid of right technology to retain and further consolidate our leadership position.

We focus on the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) principle, wherein, the intent is driving optimum value and cost optimization from our products & solutions while constantly changing and upgrading our benchmarks. We have established 10 comprehensive pillars of excellence and they factor in everything that must be considered for a world-class product. These include technology, TCO, performance, manufacturing base, global deployment, etc. Then there are other elements such as safety, new technologies, waste management and financial equilibrium.

At JBM, we have developed a “Well to Wheel” concept that not only drives business across our various verticals on one hand but also propels our initiatives towards sustainability and green manufacturing. JBM’s multiple businesses like Renewable Energy, EV Charging Infrastructure and Electric Vehicles have strategically synergized towards creating a seamless solution from generation to consumption of clean energy. Moreover, now in many of our plants we are using solar power for captive energy requirements. As part of our business sustainability, we define sustainability in different ways of energy conservation, people skill enhancement, societal development that leads to scalability for us.

Electric Vehicles is growing as a segment in India. People, now, are more focused towards their health, safety and environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, our focus is towards propagation of green technologies such as electric vehicles. Various govt. schemes, such as the PMP, the Phased Manufacturing Programme will stand beneficial to promote localization by way of collaboration between the various EV and EV ecosystem players, thereby reducing the dependence on imports.

We wish to expand our leadership in JBM’s multiple businesses by upgrading our capabilities and delivery mechanism consistently for nothing short of excellence to stakeholders. For us, the pace of change is very important and not merely the change per se. Our latest acquisition has opened up new avenues for us, but we still have a long way to go.

In the words of Steve Jobs – ‘Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday’.