A journey of excellence. The TIP way

JBM Group is a $2.6bn global conglomerate with operations in more than 25 locations across 10 countries throughout the world. We are amongst the world’s leading manufacturers of key auto systems, electric vehicles and buses.
We have been able to create long-term value for all our stakeholders for nearly four decades given our relentless focus towards Enhancing Technology, Enabling Innovation and Empowering People with a team of more than 25,000 JBMites.

Creating seamless customer experiences

Our passion lies in providing holistic and sustainable solutions for the future.
We are spearheading change through our leadership in different segments:

  • Auto Components & Systems
  • EV ecosystem:
    • Electric Vehicles & Buses
    • EV Aggregates
    • Charging Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy
  • Environment Management Solutions
  • Artificial Intelligence

Ready for the next big LEAP

As we continue to evolve and embrace change, there is one thing that has and will always remain the same – our focus on Leadership, Excellence, Agility and Performance. We Lead by example and strive to deliver Excellence across our businesses in more than 10 countries worldwide. We provide an Agile and dynamic environment that enables every JBMite to maximize Performance and value for all stakeholders.

Our Presence






$ 2.6 bn


20 +

"We have gradually evolved over the last four decades from being a cost driven company to a value driven dynamic conglomerate that provides total cost of ownership solutions aimed towards growth of all stakeholders."
- S.K. Arya

"At JBM, we are fueled by cutting-edge technology where change is the only constant defining the JBM landscape."
- Nishant Arya
Vice Chairman