Waste to Worth: JBM’s way to make a positive impact on Environment

Indian MSW scenario:

  • India produces over 62 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) annually and more than half of it is unmanaged
  • With the growth in India’s population and urbanization, this is expected to double over the next decade
  • The unscientific handling of MSW has been a cause of potential problems including carbon emissions, excessive usage of land and amongst others resources
  • As per Govt. estimates, India has the potential to generate more than 500 MW of power from MSW
  • As per the CPHEEO manual (Municipal Solid Waste manual), MSW generated in major Indian cities is rich in organic matter and has the potential to generate about 15-25 l/kg
  • of landfill gas every year mainly comprising methane and carbon dioxide over its operative period )
  • Use of MSW for power generation helps in reduction of almost 1 kg of carbon dioxide for each kWh

JBM Enviro

  • For over a decade now, JBM Enviro has been committed towards commissioning Waste to Worth (WoW) projects in India offering multiple environment sustainability solutions
  • Owing to our lineage, expertise and strategic presence in the value chain, JBM Enviro is a leading player in this domain
  • Managed over 8 million tons of MSW in some of the biggest metropolitan cities in India
  • Developing first of its kind projects with an Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) proposition across India
  • Our purpose is to protect the environment and public health via systematic improvement in MSW management

Key features of JBM’s Integrated Solid Waste Management approach:

  • Integrated mechanism of collection and transportation of MSW from all clusters and processing it into power & other products
  • Proven technology for processing MSW to power efficiently and consistently for over 20 years
  • Robust emissions monitoring and cleaning systems
  • Optimum utilization of resources to create a waste inclusive ecosystem
  • Scientific handling and disposal of ash and residues