JBM Auto Bags the Best Innovation (EV segment) Award
at the 8th World Auto Forum Awards

New Delhi, 15th January: JBM Auto, the flagship company of the USD 2.20bln JBM Group,has been awarded the Best Innovation award under the EV Maker Category for its ECO-LIFE electric bus at the 8th World Auto Forum Awards on 9th January 2021. JBM being a key player in the EV industry, has done a remarkable job which has been acknowledged by the industry along with the neutral experts including IIT Delhi. ECO-LIFE, a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV), saves around 1,000 equivalent tonnes of carbon dioxide and 350,000 litres of diesel over 10 years of running of a bus. JBM’s focus has been a one-stop solution provider in the Electric Vehicles segment by providing a complete ecosystem solution for E-mobility i.e. Electric Bus, Battery Technology, Charging Infrastructure based on the Operating Pattern within the city.JBM offers indigenously developed holistic solutions towards the entire Electric Vehicle ecosystem.The company has developed the Well-to-Wheel concept which encompasses end-to end solutions towards green energy generation to green energy consumption in electric vehicles. The EV solutions can broadly be classified into 3 major categories i.e. Electric Vehicles & Buses, EV Aggregates such as batteries and EV Charging Infrastructure.

About JBM Auto Ltd

JBM Auto Limited is the flagship company of the US$2.20 bln JBM Group. JBM Group has a diversified portfolio in the field of automotive, buses & electric vehicles, EV charging Infra, engineering & design services and renewables, with an infrastructure of 60 manufacturing plants and 5 engineering & design centers in over 10 countries. JBM’s focus on quality-delivery, frugal engineering, low time-to-market and art-to-part philosophy has provided the group an indomitable position in the automotive industry. JBM Auto is engaged in the manufacturing of key auto systems such as chassis & suspension systems, exhaust systems, welded assemblies, tools & dies, etc. The company’s manufacturing facilities and tool rooms are strategically located in close proximity of leading automobile hubs of India at Faridabad, Greater Noida, Nasik, Chennai, Sanand, Pune and Indore. The company products are widely used in cars, two-wheelers, tractors and trucks and other sectors in India and overseas. The company also manufactures high-end city buses and electric vehicles at its manufacturing plants in Faridabad and Kosi. For further info, please visit www.jbmgroup.com