JBM Group

Chairman's Message

S.K. Arya

Dear Friends,
Strong integrity and values that foster the vision and foresight for the future are imperatives for embarking on a journey of achievements for any organisation. We, at JBM Group, have endeavoured to be one of the most competitive company in the industry with strong emphasis on efficiency in operation, customer reliability and state-of-the-art engineering and designing via enabling each JBMite, shouldering the responsibility.

The winds of change are intense and the world is looking at us with anticipation and hope. We are gearing up for the future by establishing the key success factors which are necessary to not only withstand the change but to also make optimum use of it. A globally competent and skilled workforce combined with the state-of- the-art infrastructure is our strength and we aim to leverage it further to attain inorganic growth. Our well recognized market presence with a strong and diverse portfolio is marked by our capabilities in various segments that we operate in,which boosts the technical prowess, high quality production and cost. We have always focussed on providing holistic solutions to our customers and catering towards society at large and not just our base line. Giving back to the society and assisting in nation building is of utmost importance to us.

Let us keep marching with renewed vigour towards our goals and not rest when we realise our dream because there are always newer propositions on the horizon. Expanding and cultivating new leadership in business through people is very important as well, so is keeping pace with market trends and technology. The success and eminence of JBM Group began as the dream of one man, to create JBM as an equivalent to ‘JBM inside’ and I am proud to say that we have realised that. However, this is just a beginning to newer dreams and goals which will bring greater effulgence in the future.

With great gratitude I thank those whose unabated support and trust has enabled JBM Group to reach the pinnacle where we stand today. Our stakeholders and employees deserve a special thanks for the confidence and conviction they have maintained in JBM all throughout. All these factors combined with our passion to excel and be a market leader have constantly motivated and encouraged us to move ahead confidently on our path to success and reckoning.